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From its inception in 2018, Zumax Biocare, it is believed that quality is an on going process of building the relationships and sustaining them by evaluating, anticipating and accomplishing the definite and implied needs. Zumax Biocare has always believed in providing the best quality product to its clientele resulting in the customer satisfaction.

Indian pharmaceutical industry is mainly operated as well as controlled by dominant foreign multinationals. I am sure that with the adherence to the quality product delivery with adaptation of new innovative methods and research and development, the scope of Indian pharmaceutical industry is very bright. And as a part of this industry, I want to see Indian pharmaceutical companies creating a niche in the industry worldwide.

At Zumax Biocare, what we have is our pride and what we strive is our passion. With the skilled team of qualified persons and complete focus on quality adherence makes us proud and we are proud of whatever we are strive.

More than anything else, I seek the pleasure of to introduce our wide range of products mainly pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical capsules, pharmaceutical dry syrups, pharmaceutical syrups and suspension, pharmaceutical ointments. Our manufacturing facility has been built around with quality research and development, quality control and assurance by verified industry norms.

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